it always comes back to the music…

Anxiety. Worry. She had experienced those feelings many times before. But this time the feelings felt amplified. She was so happy to know he was coming home. The last few days in the hospital had been more than miserable for him. So it was a relief to know that stay was over.

After the first night of him being home, struggling to do normal every day tasks, and just witnessing his pain, she noticed something else. His eyes. They were different. Something had happened. His spirit, his soul, broken. It was like looking into the eyes of one who had been trapped, backed into a corner and having to fight for survival. There was confusion. Fear. This was not the same man whom she had taken to the emergency room just eight days before.

Just listening to him recount the poor treatment he received during the last three days in the hospital kept the tears flowing. She could hear the pain. The struggle. She admitted to him that she could see the change in his eyes. He agreed with the description she gave. And it saddened him to see her so overwhelmed.

They knew things would get better. And over the next days, it did. His strength was returning. He was clearly on the mend. Thank God. Slowly, that broken and traumatized look left his eyes. But even now, she was able to see a hint of that brokenness. In time, that too will fade, but not be forgotten.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That little blurb above is true. It was in a sort of story form in my brain this week. My husband was in the hospital and had an horrific experience. We are both incredibly hurt and angered. I plan on writing a letter to the hospital, but wanted to wait until it wasn’t written like a screaming fit. I need to be able to speak clearly and concisely when I rip them a new one. Right?

During the time that I was home, hanging on every word the nurses gave me, and they certainly did not give me them all I found out, I happened to “reconnect” with one of my very best friends. Turns out she has a podcast now! She is involved with a big group of indie musicians who share their music on social media and on Spotify. One of the artists that I was introduced to is named Paul Nixon. He has a new song called “It’s Alright Now.”

The night that I first heard this song, I was an anxious mess. Then this song. Just BAM! It was exactly what I needed. I honestly felt like it was a way for God to let me know that it is going to be alright. It truly was like a worship song to me at that moment. You can read a review of it in the Indiependent. The review written by Sam Lambeth describes it perfectly as “Soothing, raspy, repentant. Majestic, melodic, magnificent. There aren’t enough words to describe those first few seconds as you adjust your ears to the gruff beauty of Nixon’s delivery.” Easily one I could play over and over. And have.

First and foremost, I thank God for sparing my husband and bringing him home to me. And I thank Him also for gifting so many with great talent. To those who possess those gifts, thank you for sharing them!

And as is the usual for me, in just about every situation – good or bad – there is a song for that. Because, it always comes back to the music.

Thanks for reading.